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Anyone who knows me from my teaching days and after I started working in the industry knows that I think combining VBA with Excel spreadsheets makes great engineering tools. After almost two decades of using it, I am still impressed with the things that can be done. Recently, I learned that Excel files with or without VBA code can be compiled into executable programs that, while they still need Excel to run, make it possible to provide a higher level of protection to programs developed for others to use. The program I ended up using is XCell Compiler, powered by DoneEx ( Check it out!

Along these lines, below are some of the websites I frequent when I am looking for information on Excel/Engineering topics. They offer a lot of very useful material.

For those who truly want to learn the ins and outs of Excel to optimize your programs, I recommend the Excel Hero Academy ( ). I colleague of mine signed up and completed one of their sessions and I was amazed about all the things Excel has that most of us don’t know about. I strongly recommend it!

Of the many books on Excel and VBA for Excel, I prefer those written by John Walkenback, who is known as Mr. Spreadsheet. His website and links to PDF versions of his EXCEL 2010 BIBLE and EXCEL VBA PROGRAMMING FOR DUMMIES 3rd EDITION books are shown below.

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