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by J. Vazquez

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May 24th, 2018

During the last weekend in April, I had the privilege of attending the naming ceremony of Baker Engineering’s Blue Titanium liftboat. Quoting from its brochure, the Blue Titanium is a state of the art Class 320 liftboat that is safe, efficient and easy to operate… designed and constructed in Baker Engineering’s shipyard in Singapore.

The reason we were invited to attend the naming ceremony is that 3DENT supported the BEL Design team on all the Critical Analyses for the Liftboat Design. During my visit, I got to see some of the BELpersonnel we worked with and meet key members of the parent company. The reception was quite nice and the tour of the liftboat confirmed that the vessel is 1st class.

We hereby offer our Congratulations to the BAKER ENGINEERINGTEAM!

As of the publishing of this newsletter, the Blue Titanium is on her way to its first operating site to start operations in June.

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