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by J. Vazquez

April 25th, 2019

Last March, I had an opportunity to visit Taiwan for the first time, as part GCWA (Great Circle Wind Associates), a group of companies specialized in offshore project/operation/technical management, business development and fund raising/financing, looking to provide our expertise and services as they start to develop offshore wind farms.  Thanks to Eddie Wang, Managing Partner of GCWA, I had the opportunity to have a bit of an insider’s view of what’s to come in this industry as Taiwan becomes the next place with a full commitment to offshore wind.


My participation had two distinct parts.  The week-long visit started with my giving a presentation at the 2-day Offshore Wind Farm Construction and Risks in Taiwan seminar.  I thank Dr. Daniel Yao for his kind invitation to be part of this event as the host/organizer.  Though I couldn’t attend the second day of the seminar due to my needing to travel to prepare for the second part of my Taiwan visit, I did gain a good appreciation for Taiwan’s unique challenges.  In particular, I note that unlike many other parts where liftboats or jackups are used, Taiwan has not just the risk but the expectation of frequent typhoons and earthquakes, besides soft sea bed challenges in the region.  

In addition to my presentation, there were presentations by professionals of Taiwan consulting firms, professors of various Taiwan universities, an international risk manager, a law firm, ABSG & Keystone plus some of the big offshore wind players already participating in Taiwan’s offshore wind energy development projects: SIEMENS GAMESA and Jan De Nul.  


Presenting at the Offshore Wind Farm Construction and Risks in Taiwan Seminar

The second part of the visit was as co-exhibitors with Great Circle Wind Associates (GCWA) at the Asia Pacific Wind Energy Expo (APWEE) in Kaohsiung.  The Expo was larger than I had expected, with participants from all over the world, including Pavilions for Denmark, Germany, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.  


Our booth was part of the US Pavilion.    As far as I could tell, our booth was one of the busiest during the three days of the expo.  This was thanks to the efforts of Mr. Eddie Wang, who has been making inroads in this industry in Taiwan for the past 6 years, and the full support of BEPL and SOIC.  

Conference 2.png

Distinguished visitors to the GCWA booth from MOEA/IDB,  SOIC and Hung Hua Construction

Conference 3.png

Eddie Wang, Tan Wee Lee, J. Vazquez and S.K. Sia at the Asia Pacific Wind Energy Expo

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