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by J. Vazquez

May 24th, 2018

For the 5th year in a row, we had our company anniversary luncheon at Fogo de Chao – A tradition, you might say. It was quite enjoyable. This was the first year that both my wife and daughter missed the luncheon – an indication of how things change in 5 years (my wife is teaching at the University of Houston these days and our daughter is a freshman – or as she calls herself a “first-year” in college). I made a short presentation with pictures and video we’ve taken over the 5 years since 3DENT started. When I showed it to my wife, I was surprised by what she said: “Do you have any pictures showing anybody working?” I told her that unfortunately some of the most interesting work we’ve done, we can’t show due to confidentiality agreements we have signed. So, she let me off the hook. Here are some pictures we can share.

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