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What We Do

3Dent Technology, LLC (“3DENT”) is a team of engineers and naval architects uniquely suited for high-level engineering, with specific expertise in structural engineering, hydrodynamics and naval architecture.


3DENT is a team of dedicated consultants/designers with expertise in structural engineering, hydrodynamics and naval architecture. Our focus is on addressing the issues current or would-be owners of offshore floaters, jackups and liftboats have with their fleet. 


Many consultants see themselves as experts and as such feel they must project an air of absolute knowledge that prevents them from asking questions. At 3DENT, we know that asking questions is an absolute requirement to produce results that address the real issues making the biggest difference for our clients (i.e., before we answer the question we get asked, we make sure it is the question that addresses the real issue of concern). So, while we do claim expertise, we know we need to learn from the client if we are to offer valuable help. 


As indicated by our company values (Excellence, Learning, Collaboration and Responsiveness), we don’t sell man-hours. Instead, what we offer is creative and technically-sound problem-solving skills. So, you can think of us as both an extension and an expansion of your team.


675 Bering Dr, STE 200
Houston, TX 77057


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