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Oct 1, 2014 News Archive
CLICK HERE to see the XLP presentation

CLICK HERE to see the XLP assembly video

As 3DENT grows, we are expanding our range from shallow water to deep water. One such effort is in our joining the XLP team to provide naval architecture and engineering services to mature the concept and make it a reality.

The XLP is a fabrication friendly deepwater floating unit that offers the advantages of up-right construction and quay-side integration without the high crane reach requirements of semisubmersibles, and excellent motion characteristics to support top-tensioned risers. The patented concept is also fabrication friendly, thereby offering a competitive alternative to the traditional dry-tree floating units, especially for locations which require local content or remote locations where it is not feasible to use a heavy lift for the offshore installation of the topsides.

The XLP offers a faster fabrication schedule due to its modular, near ground level fabrication. The XLP hull is made of relatively simple components which bring about cost savings. The most significant cost savings, though, are realized during the transportation and installation. The transportation savings are due to the fact that both hull and topsides are towed together. The installation savings are due to the fact that upending takes place through controlled ballasting and minimal additional support and there is no need for an offshore heavy lift of the topsides.

The pictures below show the XLP in operating mode as well as during transit.

For commercial information on the XLP, please contact Jamie Dunlap, President of Deepwater XLP Technology, LLC (ph: +1.832.421.4499, email: jamiedunlap@comcast.net), or Phillip A. Abbott, Chief Technology Officer of Deepwater XLP Technology LLC (ph: +1. 281.723.0243, email: Phil.abbott@earthlink.net).