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Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Jan 7, 2016 News Archive
Company Philosophy

We don’t often get visitors at our office in Rice Village, but we did a couple of months ago. While giving the office tour, one of our visitors noticed a quote we printed on a wall in our original 2nd floor office. The quote is by Aristotle and reads:

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

When we opened the office in June 2013, with our first employee and not much in the way of furniture or decorations, we wanted our work space to have a constant reminder of our intentions. So, we searched for suitable quotes, and we found the one by Aristotle quite fitting. In December 2013, we moved to a new space on the 3rd floor and three of us re-occupied the 2nd floor space in December 2014. The quote has been there all along, but I have to say that until it was mentioned by our visitor, I hadn’t noticed it much lately.

One reason I am particularly interested about noticing is that I think of it as a pre-requisite to learning. Excellence and learning are two of our core values (as published in our 2015 New Year issue and listed as: Excellence, Learning, Responsiveness and Collaboration). A few months ago, we published our company philosophy so that every one of our employees knows what we expect from them and what they can expect from us. Below is my favorite paragraph from this document.

The philosophy of 3DENT revolves around a central theme, that of being a learning organization, not satisfied with the status quo and constantly pushing for greater knowledge and improvement. We constantly and skillfully acquire, capture, interpret and transfer knowledge. This gained knowledge is made accessible and used to purposefully modify our behavior to achieve continued improvement.

Along these lines, I recommend a book entitled “The Three Laws of Performance – Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life” (ISBN 978-1-118-04312-7) by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan.

As a side note, while doing a bit of research on the topic of noticing, I found a most amazing website published by Robert Krulwich and Aatish Bhatia, covering interesting things they notice. The site seems to be new with only a few articles, but it is quite interesting.